Relax Riesling

Throughout my graphic design career, both as an in house designer and freelance designer, I’ve found that the simplest graphic design solutions are usually the best. I love this philosophy and when I design I always keep this in mind and get excited when I come across products that embody this concept.

Relax Reisling Wine Bottle

I like to have a glass of wine from time to time with dinner or while hanging out with friends, but I absolutely do not consider myself a wine aficionado and am often swayed by the label design for what wine to purchase. Being a graphic designer, I think I’m more prone to folding to cool packaging and labels.

Relax Rieslings label and packaging embodies simple graphic design solutions and the design really conveys the tone of the brand. I love simple design such as this, and by the way, the wine is very tasty.

GoGoStand, the new iPhone Companion

Today I ordered a GoGoStand, a gadget that stands your iPhone upright for easier viewing. It fits in your wallet and can travel everywhere. I love coming across simple, function and creative concepts like this and knew I needed one after reading a review on Niki Brown’s Design O’Blog. I’ve seen other iPhone/iPod Touch stands and they’re just too bulky and would take up too much space on my desk (I loathe clutter), so this is perfect for me. Check out the video below to get the full experience.