Taking Advantage of Unique Networking Opportunities

Blue people networking imageNetworking is an affective way for freelancers to drum up quality leads and snag new clients, but what events and situations facilitate networking? Any and all events you attend of course! Industry events, local non-profit groups, your local chamber of commerce and events you yourself find interesting. I recently began attending events held by my local chapter of Girls Pint Out, a group for women passionate about informing and enjoying craft beer. I’m a woman, I like beer, and really love good beer so this group was an obvious fit for me and my friends. I joined the group initially because I had a general interest in what Girls Pint Out was about and many of the events they put on are free (major bonus!), but not with the intention of using this as a networking opportunity.

Since attending a handful of GPO events, Tamre Mullins (the founder of GPO) and I have chatted briefly about some graphic design work she would like to have done for Girls Pint Out. It’s always nice to meld your personal interests with your work, these opportunities create the best graphic design. Working on a project that is honestly interesting to a designer is always the best possible scenario. Taking part in events and joining you are interested in and inspired by is a step in the right direction to work on graphic design projects you will truly enjoy.

In Conclusion:

There’s a stereotype that all freelancers work in the dark corners of their offices and rarely venture outside their homes to mingle with society. For the most part, this is untrue. We creative types are a social bunch, we like to go out and see what’s happening in our community and if that means integrating our interests with our business then that is a huge bonus. Seek out these opportunities, get out, have fun and network!

For more information on Girls Pint Out (groups in Indianapolis and Arizona) visit their website at: http://girlspintout.wordpress.com/