The Spartan Super was super

Tiff, our friend Michelle and I participated in my second (their third) Spartan race a few weekends ago near Chicago. It was challenging but I was pleasantly surprised with how I did, especially since I hadn’t trained extensively for it.

We signed up to do another and complete our Trifecta in November at the Spartan Beast in South Carolina. My biggest worry with this one? The cold. I’m not a very good runner in the cold. I’m not a very good person when I’m cold. I hate being cold. And wet. Did I mention the pits of slushy mud we’ll be running through?

I think I’m more excited to stay in the cute cabin we’ve reserved and hanging out by the campfire afterward. I’ve ran a mini-marathon, but I’ve never ran a mini-marathon with 30 or so obstacles sprinkled here and there. Should be interesting to say the least, but knowing at the end of it that I get to hang out with Tiff and couple of friends around a campfire in the middle of the woods sounds pretty amazing. I damn near cried after the Spartan Super so I can’t even image what emotional state I’ll be in after this. Getting over the slippery wall without much trouble would make anyone emotional.