GenCon was amazing this year and as with most conventions and conferences I attend, left me completely inspired and exhausted. Wil Wheaton and I made eye contact while I was in line to buy 5 Gold and a Party t-shirts. I mean, how can I not feel some inspiration from just that experience.


Going to these events makes me want to create things. I often find myself struggling for motivation to create after work and on the weekends since I work in a creative field. Just ask my knitting basket brimming with a half finished scarf (and by scarf I mean mangled mess of double stitches and knots) and unused spools of yarn. The more my creative juices flow at work, the less I want to feel like letting them bubble at home. It’s not that I don’t want to finish knitting that scarf, I just can’t find the drive to do it. Conferences and and conventions give me that drive. It’s all about stepping out of the normal day to day grind.


GenCon made me realize how nerdy I have become/always been. This was our first year doing a 4-Day pass and we tried to make the most of it. We purchased a ton of games and I’m excited for an impending game day with our little group of gamer friends. The Titans Grave panel was great and has made me an appreciation for the creativity that goes into creating a story driven RPG that robust.


Some of the items we purchased:
Takenoko Chibis expansion (tile signed by the Antoine Bauza)
Cthulu Realms
Star Realms
Tesla vs Edison
TitansGrave book (signed by Chris Pramas)
5 Gold and a Party t-shirt
Fantasy Age book
King of Tokyo Halloween expansion
Eldritch Horror
Arkham Horror dice set
Escape from Innsmouth
Copious amounts of Bee Coffee
And dice, lots of dice (and more things I can’t remember)

Games demoed that were awesome:
Medieval Academy
Welcome to the Dungeon
A fun Kickstarter game (I don’t remember the name of) sort of like Cards Against Humanity but more creative
Creative Clash (also on Kickstarter)

Check out this happy GenCon customer.