Client Profile: Braxton Brewing Company

Braxton Brewing Company

I once wrote a blog post about NOT freelancing for friends or family. Well I’m eating my words, because lately, working with friends has not only been extremely rewarding but also super fun.

I recently wrapped up an email redesign project with Braxton Brewing Company based out of Cincinnati, OH. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will soon. They’re brewing up a lot of buzz about their brand, including new email templates.

Here were the project requirements:

  • One email template to accommodate newsletter content.
  • One email template to accommodate events/general information.
Deliverables included:
  • Design mockups
  • Responsive HTML/CSS templates
  • Implementation into MailChimp

These were pretty standard requirements and deliverables and I was really excited to do email design work for a brewery. Working with my friend and former colleague, Jonathan Gandolf, was also a major perk. We worked closely and collaborated from beginning to end to complete the project.  We laughed. We cried. We rejoiced when we figured out how to edit custom templates in MailChimp.

Overall it was a great learning experience and that’s what I love to get out of a project like this. Not only was it fun, I got to work with a friend but I also learned new skills I can carry with me to my next freelance project.

To learn more about Braxton Brewing Company, visit their website and connect with them on Twitter!