I’m Still Here!

Life has been crazy this spring/summer and I just wanted to check in and say that this blog is still alive and ready for more of my ramblings…I just haven’t had a lot of time to ramble lately.  Sunshine and grilling on my patio is, at this point in time, more appealing than sitting at my Mac and blogging about the random graphic design ideas the pop into my head. However, with the start of a new personal project, I’m sure I’ll be more inclined to write about that process and what I learn from it. What’s this mysterious project? It’s too soon to tell where it will lead me but I’m excited.

I encourage you to get outside in the sun. It’s beautiful here in the midwest and I plan to soak it up while I can. If it’s warm where you are take advantage of this summer weather and make use of that sketchbook (nature is a great source of inspiration).

More to come!